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Rene from New York writes...
July 22, 2008

I love your prayer journal. I'm a wife and mom of 3 who happens to have ADD so it has been a very difficult challenge for me to 1) remember to pray in the first place (I always have a running dialog, but there is no rhyme or reason and I felt things got overlooked, 2) there was no focus and this has been amazing for that and 3) I knew I was so very blessed, but could never pinpoint it when I wanted to, so I felt God was not getting the praise He deserved from me. I no longer feel overwhelmed, my prayer life has taken on such a shine and I know that what I want to pray or praise now is something I can access immediately. I have put my individual prayers on half pages in a folder, fastened in order and can change them easily, therefore I do not have to be on the computer to use it. I have some for daily and some for weekly prayer (the not so pressing, but still want to keep track of), because when I did pray, I felt like I had to go over everything, (but a lot got forgotten), and it was so overwhelming I tended to procrastinate and not do it at all. Now, thanks to your ministry I can be the prayer warrior I have always wanted to be, but just couldn't with ADD.

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