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We have included Outline Study Shells for most of the Bible Studies, however, these Outline Shells still need to be completed and made into Outline Study Guides. You may freely use these Outline Shells for your personal study, making whatever notes you wish to make.

If you would like to help us in the completion of these Outline Study Guides please read the following directions:

1. Open the preformatted outline shell that you wish to use or help to complete by clicking "View" under the outline column.
A download option window will open. You may open the file directly by clicking "Open" or save it first and then open it by clicking on "Save". The file should open with MS WordPad or an equivalent word processor.

Please make sure that you maintain the Rich Text Format file with the file extension .rtf if you intent to make it includable to Hal Lee Ministries web site.

Note: It will also be beneficial to download the Bible Study and replay it from your hard drive instead of using the audio streaming method. (Each audio file is approx. 2.5 MB., however, rewind and fast forward work better from your hard drive.) Right Click on the icon under the DL column, then choose "Save As" to download the audio file to your computer.

The OutLine Shell should look similar to the following screen shot.

2. The notes in magenta near the top of the page should by deleted.
3. The first Time 0:00 should remain at zero indicating the start of the audio study.
4. The "Overview of Bible Study" or "Review of Previous Study" can be deleted according to the introduction of the Bible Study.
Notes can also be included under the "Overview of Bible Study" or "Review of Previous Study" as needed.

5. Set the time for each verse according to the play time on the media player. This aids in returning to a particular portion of study.
6. Outline item"A" is a copy of the verse and may be broken down - cut and pasted into item "B", "C", etc. Be careful to maintain the font formats as preset in the Outline Shell. Continue to add notes according to the Bible Study in a normal outline progression.

Here is a sample portion of an outline that has been completed for the Gospel of John. Making the outlines take considerable time, but I hope they will be used by Bible teachers and Sunday School teachers as well as for personal study. Listening to the Bible Studies in the Gospel of John and following with the Outline study Guides will give you a better understanding of how to help us complete the Outlines. (We have created the Outline Shells and these instruction in an attempting to keep the outlines in a uniform format.)

7. Please notify Hal Lee Ministries that you have a completed outline to share by clicking on "Contact" > "E-Mail HLM" on the Menu Bar. We will send you further instructions on how to send us the files.

Note: Please make sure that the file name and extension (.rtf) have not been altered.

Thank You! And May God Bless You and His Work.

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